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The coronavirus pandemic started as an outbreak of severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2), a zoonotic virus which may have originated from bats. The virus quickly spread throughout the world and consequently impacting every aspect of human life and activity. A “new normal” took hold of the world. The 2021 MMHRDC conference hopes to bring to light our journey as we survive and carve a “new future”. The conference highlights our current scientific and empirical knowledge/capabilities, future prospects, roles, as well as gaps in information in different facets of our social constructs that make us human. Let us take the time to reflect on our lives, learn from our stories, and look forward to the future of Every “Juan”.

Plenary Speakers

Prathana Langkarpint, PhD

McCormick Faculty of Nursing, Payap University
Chiang Mai, Thailand

Michelle Min-Yu Li, PhD

Dean, Office for Global Engagement
Chang Jung Christian University, Taiwan

John Robert Bautista, RN, PhD

Post-Doctoral Fellow
The University of Texas in Austin, USA

Raffy D. Tima

Senior Reporter/News Producer, GMA Network Inc.
Anchor, Balitanghali, GMA News TV

Emmanuel Luna, PhD

Education Director
University of the Philippines Resilience Institute

Krissi Shaffina Twyla A. Rubin, LLB

OIC Gender Equality Office
Commission on Human Rights

Dr. Ma. Martina Geraldine Q. Dimalibot

Senior Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer
St. Luke’s Medical Center

PCol. Alladin M. Collado

Chief of the Regional Comptroller Division, PRO 7

Rhodora Angela F. Ferrer

Executive Director
Private Education Assistance COmmitttee (PEAC)

Prof. David Hind

Asia Pacific Institute for Events Management, UK

Julian Peter M. Gutierrez

Director of Sales
Hilton Clark Sun Valley Resort, Clark, Pampanga

Lourdes M. Nadala PhD

VP for Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Diagnostics for the Real World Ltd, California, USA

Randy Misael Dellosa, MD, PsyD

Medical Doctor, Psychiatrist

Sheila Marie Shake Guevarra-Hocson, PhD, RGC, RPsy, RPM, LPT

Guidance Director, FEU
Former President, PGCA

Jerico H. Bajador, RN, MSc.

Nurse III, Training Coordinator
National Center for Mental Health

Mario M. Panaligan, M.D.

Vice President, UERM College of Medicine Alumni Association

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