Stories of Hope

Born from the institution’s longstanding mission to instill the ideals of service learning by empowering communities and individuals, Stories of Hope was initiated by the offices under the Vice President for Academic Affairs in the summer of 2021. It was a humble development from the Trinity Plant of Hope project that was launched during the 58th Founding Anniversary of the University.

Through a gathering of the scholars, alumni, community and corporate representatives, private individuals, and all beneficiaries, the fundraising initiative aims to raise awareness and support for Trinity University of Asia community outreach and scholarship programs. The event hopes to gather donations and support from institutional and corporate sponsors for communities and individuals in need.

In this event, scholars and alumni who graduated from the University’s scholarship program will be sharing their stories of hope that helped them succeed despite the adversities in their academic journey. These will be followed by musical performances and other inspiring numbers from the members of the Trinitian community.

This will be an afternoon filled with stories of struggles that unleashed the potentials of the youth who have dreamt of living a life full of hope for a brighter future for their family. The students have experienced financial struggles but with the support of the scholarship program of the University, it somehow served as a bridge that filled the gap in their journey towards the achievement of their aspirations in life.

Strongly guided by the institution’s core values, Stories of Hope wishes to educate, empower, and equip individuals with inspiring stories of new beginnings, courage facing struggles, and hope in narratives of triumph and success amidst a global crisis. The mission of Stories of Hope is to provide a platform where our beneficiaries, faculty, staff, and benefactors could share their inspiring narratives and experiences through music and storytelling.

Trinity University of Asia’s community outreach and scholarship programs have touched numerous lives since 1977 and is needed now more than ever.

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